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eBox One Window Solution
ERP Software Solution

The right ERP solution for all your business needs.
Web based, simple & powerful Accounting system for the entire back end and front end processes.

Process Streamlining:

eBOX ERP helps businesses streamline variety of processes, log & track the goods movements, and help raise actionable alerts.

Compliance & Accuracy

eBOX ensures that all information is managed with compliant protocols across the business processes.

Employee Support

Implementing eBOX ensures that routine reporting work of employees at all levels is reduced.

Introducing the simplest Accounting System

eBOX is a technological breakthrough of QBS Co with fully integrated business processes that connect one function to another and meet all the business information requirements. The product targets Value creation by standardising business processes and optimising functional roles. It focuses on accurate real-time information while reducing operational and overhead expenses.

Core Modules that build up the eBOX Architecture:

The four core modules extensively cover up all the business processes in a general business environment and are fully customizable to meet the discrete requirements of our clients.

Sales Module:

eBOX provides streamlined sales processes encompassing features like quotation, orders, delivery & invoice.

Inventory & Production

Flexible eBOX manufacturing module is capable of catering advanced production & assembly line setups.

Purchase Module:

This module in eBOX serves for effective handling of all the operations involved in Procurement processes.

Banking & Finance:

Comprehensive module for the management of GL, payments & receipts along with flexible reporting feature.

Who can use eBOX ?

eBOX ERP is a powerful accounting system for small and mid-sized companies. It can Systematize all major business processes whether it’s a Retail store, Salon, Industry or Pharmacy, or any online store.

Why growing Businesses need eBOX?

This mini-ERP software can help the businesses better manage every aspect of their company from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations.
Understanding the requirement of small businesses, we have designed our solution to suit your needs and budget.

eBox Smart Features

eBox Smart is the most powerful Point of Sale solution in Pakistan that is liked by store / restaurant owners.
It let you track usage, monitor changes in unit Rupee costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and analyse inventory
levels on an item-by-item basis. Software records each sale when it happens, so your inventory records are always
up-to-date. Better still, you get much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system.

Sales/Purchase Orders

Sale / Purchase Invoice

Goods Receivable Notes

Supplier/Customer Invoices

Debit/Credit Notes

Deposits, Payments, Allocations

Fixed Asset

Inventory & Stock Management


General Ledger with Budget

Cash & Bank

POS for cash sales

Advanced Reports

Dimension based GL Reports

Language Support

Multi-Currency Support

Advanced GST/VAT Handling

Multi Users

Several Companies

Barcode Scanner Entries

Choose Your Desired Modules

We have different modules to cater various business requirements. The modular configuration comes with its pre-applied tutorials thus making it easier for any one to self start the function.

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Anthony Lynch

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Anthony Lynch

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